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03-31-2006, 09:16
1992/Jun 11, In Panama US Sgt. Zak Hernandez (22) was killed by gunfire from a passing car that sprayed the military vehicle in which he was riding. Pedro Miguel Gonzalez, son of a Gerardo Gonzalez who is the President of Congress and (anti-american) leader of the PRD, was arrested and charged along with two others for the killing. They were found not guilty in 1997.

Zak was not SF, but SF soldiers were well aware of the whereabouts of his killer - this was labeled as "terrorism". From the time PMG was iD'd as the gunman to the wrap-up of the canal turnover the Clintonistas didn't have the fortitude to render this terrorist...
I understand there is no statute of limitations on these things - with our prevailing attitude to seek justice, at least more so than in recent history, it would be nice to see some for Zak - by comparison to some we are pursuing this would be an easy "pluck" - and perhaps put some balls behind "no matter where you are, no matter how long it takes..."

rest easy Zak, you are not forgotten...